6/365 Beginning

We are always, beginning.  For too long I separated two things which give me life, unnecessarily setting them in opposition and unwittingly causing the very gifts that would bring me life, to drain me of it.
Two gifts; silence/prayer and drawing.
As a child I lost myself in the bliss of drawing, especially when young enough to be unaware or unconcerned with drawing well, when I didn’t draw to make good drawings but drew for the love of drawing. O, thriving-life.
I knew nothing then of meditation/mindfulness/prayer but I did know I enjoyed silence and space to just be and if I did not then know the two could be one I certainly experienced them as one.
How did the unnecessary divide happen? How did I navigate that divide (not well)? How am I mending that rift with the help of Insight Timer?  I’ll get to that.
Thanks to the ones who liked the first post and who said, yes, do tell.
P.S. Grateful for // a working furnace on another cold Spring day / love made before the day begins / creating space for silence.

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