33/365 Rabbit

“I do not have to react. It is useless. There are much better things to do. And to react is to become implicated—to become a prisoner of the same nonsense that I am compelled to condemn. Do not be compelled. Here comes a small, shining rabbit. A kingbird gurgles and chortles in the cedars. Everything is wet.

May 18, 1959, III.281–82 (from “A Year with Thomas Merton: Daily Meditations from His Journals” by Thomas Merton)

Oh yes, the hands. Anchors. A meditation thing. Put yourself in the moment/feeling of a bad habit; -bad as determined by you, simply any habit that does not serve you well (or others via you). Place a finger to your thumb, breath in a colour that makes sense to you regarding a bad habit. Breath out, saying “I don’t need that/to do that/something similar” and then  break the anchor by releasing thumb and finger.

On your other hand do the same but now breath in a colour that for you signifies calm, control, release, that sort of thing and breathing out say, “I am calm, etc” and break the anchor.

For greater impact touch that first anchor to the part of your body, where applicable, that relates to the bad habit.

Merton’s “I do not have to react. It is useless. There are much better things to do. ” serve me well as the first anchor in this situation. His line, “Here comes a small, shining rabbit”, as a second anchor, signifies for me any good coming in place of the bad habit and of calm and of reclaimed focus.

Now, here I tell the WWW that for years, oh decades even, I tried praying certain bad habits away to no real or lasting impact. I’m not saying Jesus, the Divine, the Other was impotent. I cannot reason any of it. I am saying this anchor (very quick) meditation actually works, for me. Think of me whatever you must and blessing be with you.


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2 Replies to “33/365 Rabbit”

  1. I wish I would’ve read this yesterday as I found myself in a situation where I reacted when I should have been silent. 😛 Although, I know I can take this with me on the journey and practice this wisdom. Thank-you.

    1. I could wish I would have posted this yesterday 😉 but we only have today. You’re welcome, friend. [The anchor thing I’ve been using for a time now. The application of the Merton quote to it is as fresh as this morning’s silence and reading time.]

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