52/365 Sit/Rise

There is no need to make an assertion of my life, especially to assert it is MINE, though it is doubtless not somebody else’s. I must learn to gradually forget program and artifice. – Thomas Merton


Day 51/365 Balance

Today: Art in the Park is now history. Thanks to each dear being who dropped ’round. A good few days. Not a day of meditation skipped, though haven’t posting images and I’ve stayed mainly offline and it is also where I shall stay today.


50/365 Home

From nowhere to NOW/HERE, possibly exactly the same destination where the destination is where you (fully) are, now.


Today: full-up on Prednisone since the walk-in clinic last night. Now, my upper lip isn’t nearly twice its normal size (let us not speak of what other body parts looked like) and my heart is reminded, again of how fortunate I am to live where medical help and medicine is (at least for the moment) accessible (though it could be argued not always to all).

49/365 NOW/Here

Today: bit by spider, all over the place (!) while sleeping; upper lip is like I have just returned from the dentist. Loaded up on water and antihistamines and biked to a tea shop and walked the dog before it got hot.
Looks like I’ll live to see Art In The Park. I’m booth 583 with loads of cards, prints and new matted originals, fully coloured from my #tourdesketch Windsor book. If you are local to Windsor ON, come say hello.


48/365 Language

I’ve followed Andō off and on for years. Her work is a true work of silence. Her poetry is silence. I am far from fluent in this language. Happily having a beginner’s mind and disposition is where we always should be.



46/365 Neighbour

It fundamental to being fully human, this thing the wholly Human One* is said to have said. The question rests in how or whether we love ourselves, that is the determinative aspect of this universal truth.

May we properly and well love ourselves and step beyond ourselves to love all for in that sense there is no “other”.


For any friends possibly freaking out, this is the Common English Bible translation of the phrase more familiarly rendered as, Son of Man. I rather like the CEB for is brave choice and striking non-dual understanding.