4/365 Always

While I sat in my sit, focused on breathing, trying not to think anything specific, this happy thought of mine came back to mind; so, I quoted myself. What’s best is that I actually believe it.

The drawing was done in three brush stokes, the main one in the middle with eyes closed – yes, I skipped off the page and back on without looking. Eyes open for the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ brush strokes.

[12 min sit]


2/365 Receive

All those times I’ve paid lip-service to the idea that all are welcome. Then a tweet. Not aimed at me but he has no idea how well it has found its mark.  And, that’s something that happens when you enter Silence; truth gets told.


1/365 Focused

It begins. Timed focused breathing of five minuets followed by a drawing done in four brush strokes with zero preconceived notion as to what I would do or even was doing, beyond intuition. I’d been thinking about e.e. cummings words on Day 0 and they seemed just right for today.