31/365 Traffic

I read the entry in my daily Merton book, one day out of sequence and it made for an serendipitous connection with the selection of part of a poem read today in Mary Oliver’s book of personally selected poems, Devotions.


P.S. > a note of thanks to the happy handful of folks who’ve recently sent along direct messages or told me in person how they are enjoying, some even meditating with, these small offerings. Thank you.

20/365 Inner Wisdom

For some the idea of inner-wisdom being in concert with wisdom of the divine is automatically suspect. Perhaps the unstated intent there, in the name of truth, is to create a co-dependency not with wisdom but with institutions that claim the sole authority to dispense.

// thrive

10/365 Wonder

Yesterday new acquaintance remarked, “No, not bad at all. Sounds to me like you are returning to yourself, coming back to who you were as a young person before formalism and religious organization overwhelmed yet with the benefit of your lived experience in the intervening decades.”

For one, I’d like to be that kind of listener.
For two, he’s right.
For three, it was a wonder to hear a relative stranger reflect back to me exactly what my heart has been saying for the past year.