50/365 Home

From nowhere to NOW/HERE, possibly exactly the same destination where the destination is where you (fully) are, now.


Today: full-up on Prednisone since the walk-in clinic last night. Now, my upper lip isn’t nearly twice its normal size (let us not speak of what other body parts looked like) and my heart is reminded, again of how fortunate I am to live where medical help and medicine is (at least for the moment) accessible (though it could be argued not always to all).

23/2018 Present

Each of these three ways-of-seeing I have done poorly, to sometimes well. As of ‘now’ the fullness of truth they offer has certainly not a constant in my life.

It is because of the third thing that Silence wins, because it was in this silent sit that I was present with myself, as uncomfortable as that was and saw this reality- as hope-filled as it is.

// thrive!

Variations of this idea are ubiquitous and above, I add my own to the ether-mix.