67/365/57 Speaks

^ Part two of (probably) five in a tiny illustrated story.

Today: honoured to be the father of our kids who blessed me, so good.


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48/365 Language

I’ve followed Andō off and on for years. Her work is a true work of silence. Her poetry is silence. I am far from fluent in this language. Happily having a beginner’s mind and disposition is where we always should be.



37/365 Lover

Today, Saturday, day 139, in silence I resist the temptation to give those ignorant of history any acknowledgement of their attempts to rewrite it.


19/365 Unknowing

Beginning to understand why so many previous inward journey attempts have been false starters – some over long periods of time; all a learning, each leading to Now but now, stillness and unknowing. How refreshing.



Quote is by Cassidy Hall from her co-authored book with Patrick Shen, Notes On Silence.