63/365/56 No Need

A short visual story accompanied by words begins today. I expect it to run for five-ish posts.

This begins my third little sketchbook in the series.

Day#/Year/Drawing# – listing the titles this way makes sense. Yes.

As to my declarations about when I shall post, silly of me, silly and no one but me is concerned. So, I shall meditate daily and I shall mindfully draw daily as I am doing and, I shall post when it is that I post.


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52/365 Sit/Rise

There is no need to make an assertion of my life, especially to assert it is MINE, though it is doubtless not somebody else’s. I must learn to gradually forget program and artifice. – Thomas Merton


50/365 Home

From nowhere to NOW/HERE, possibly exactly the same destination where the destination is where you (fully) are, now.


Today: full-up on Prednisone since the walk-in clinic last night. Now, my upper lip isn’t nearly twice its normal size (let us not speak of what other body parts looked like) and my heart is reminded, again of how fortunate I am to live where medical help and medicine is (at least for the moment) accessible (though it could be argued not always to all).

43/365 No/Thing


P.S. “At the center of our being is a point of nothingness, which is untouched by sin and by illusion, a point of pure truth, a point, a spark, which belongs entirely to God.”  – Thomas Merton

33/365 Rabbit

“I do not have to react. It is useless. There are much better things to do. And to react is to become implicated—to become a prisoner of the same nonsense that I am compelled to condemn. Do not be compelled. Here comes a small, shining rabbit. A kingbird gurgles and chortles in the cedars. Everything is wet.

May 18, 1959, III.281–82 (from “A Year with Thomas Merton: Daily Meditations from His Journals” by Thomas Merton)

Oh yes, the hands. Anchors. A meditation thing. Put yourself in the moment/feeling of a bad habit; -bad as determined by you, simply any habit that does not serve you well (or others via you). Place a finger to your thumb, breath in a colour that makes sense to you regarding a bad habit. Breath out, saying “I don’t need that/to do that/something similar” and then  break the anchor by releasing thumb and finger.

On your other hand do the same but now breath in a colour that for you signifies calm, control, release, that sort of thing and breathing out say, “I am calm, etc” and break the anchor.

For greater impact touch that first anchor to the part of your body, where applicable, that relates to the bad habit.

Merton’s “I do not have to react. It is useless. There are much better things to do. ” serve me well as the first anchor in this situation. His line, “Here comes a small, shining rabbit”, as a second anchor, signifies for me any good coming in place of the bad habit and of calm and of reclaimed focus.

Now, here I tell the WWW that for years, oh decades even, I tried praying certain bad habits away to no real or lasting impact. I’m not saying Jesus, the Divine, the Other was impotent. I cannot reason any of it. I am saying this anchor (very quick) meditation actually works, for me. Think of me whatever you must and blessing be with you.


31/365 Traffic

I read the entry in my daily Merton book, one day out of sequence and it made for an serendipitous connection with the selection of part of a poem read today in Mary Oliver’s book of personally selected poems, Devotions.


P.S. > a note of thanks to the happy handful of folks who’ve recently sent along direct messages or told me in person how they are enjoying, some even meditating with, these small offerings. Thank you.

25/365 Intuition

Following simple focused breathing I continued my meditation with an image thought to paint. As the brush touched the paper, it simply changed, totally and what I was going to do was gone. Intuition lead the way. The Merton quote culled from my quotes notebook seemed so fitting.