Hello, gentle Internet

On April 13 2018* I began a 365 day conversation with silence.

In “real-time” this blog records my journey into a year of creating space each day for intentional silence; meditation-sitting with the aid of an app** and accompanied by mindful-drawing.

My “sits” are are usually somewhere between seven and twenty minutes and it is mostly only in the morning sit that I include a drawing.

Each post contains a photo of said drawing that itself most often includes a collected quote and is rounded out with a short written reflection (or not).

Thanks for being curious enough to pause here. I welcome your thoughts on any post, here on the blog or wherever on “social-media”, after all, this is a conversation.

*a Friday (huh).
** Insight Timer


It’s early morning. Night has passed. Through the blinds the sun’s offers its fledgling light; another day. Milky tea and my books, my daily books, the ones I read a small bit from each day*; Rilke, Rumi, Henri Nouwen, Mary Oliver, TThich Nhat Hanh, Meister Eckhart,  bible  and sometimes other authors alternating yet always two by books by that singular Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky, Thomas Merton.

Merton’s Dialogues with Silence, is a well curated selection of his drawings and writings that search stillness and shadows, seeking and finding the divine in his own being and in others, in the world he knew. The title of this blog rather openly offers homage to this book.

From childhood “picture books” to early “readers” to drawings on foolscap or blank paper, and to this day in my notebooks and sketchbooks, I have often combined drawings with words, collected quotes or my own muse.

As I entered** 365 days of seeking silence it was organic for me to put the two together in my own way. This blog is that, for now and it’s a way to open the hope of conversation with you, whomever you are.

  • *I don’t read all of these books in the morning. I’m neither monk nor saint. Rather I move my readings around the day, morning, midday, evening, night.
  • ** April 13, 2018




…the stuff I use for this practice and why.

ArtGraf soluble graphite. I love, love, love this stuff. Oh the many magical half tones one can get.

A no-name, simple brush that I slip inside a cut plastic re-purposed straw. The brush is protected and still open to the air to dry out.

A terrycloth wrist band to wipe the brush on. It dries fast.  Also actually use it on my wrist when sketching outdoors, using watercolour paints.

A modified-nib Pilot Fountain Pen Custom Heritage 912 that a friend of mine did the mod work on.  I get the super duperest flex nib and ink flow. I use this daily for personal and professional arr making. And sometimes some I have too many fountain pens but that one and the Traveler’s Company (formally Midori) Brass pen* I use daily.

Platinum Carbon Black ink* is always loaded in that pen because it is the only ink I trust to be opaque, fast drying and water-proof. The latter doesn’t matter much in this project but in my professional and other personal art-play it matters huge because I often watercolour over lines.

Traveler’s Company Notebook Passport size* that sometimes has branded paper and sometimes off-brand paper. In one section I have the booklet with the pages you see, another booklet you’ll never see and a sketchbook that you may or may not see sometime, who knows?

A date stamper than can be found in any office supply store for cheap. I love that satisfying clah-junk-click sound it makes when I lay it down and lift it off the paper.

I use the Insight Timer app** to focus my silence sit and mindful drawing.

My inner-wisdom to guide. I am not exactly a meditation purist. I’ve learned to go with what works for me and finally know myself well enough to not fret over what anyone else thinks. That said, I’m always learning from others also.


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I try to read every note sent to me and every blog comment and I do my best to reply to all in as timely a manner as I can. Silence and drawing always come first. 🙂

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