drawing54/day59/365 Is

A Note: on the change in the post titles going forward.

First number = the number of meditative drawings posted. Second number = the number of days of meditation of my 365 whether I post a drawing or not.

Why this change?

Because over the Art In The Park weekend (where I was a vendor) I realized posting seven days a week is an unnecessary self imposed obligation which could drain the joy and misappropriate the purpose of holding my conversations with silence. I follow my own lead that weekend and did not post. It was a good call. I did that again this past weekend even though no outside obligation prevented me from posting.
As of today I begin posting entries here once each weekday and possibly one per weekend and possibly not. The number of drawings and days will get out of sync even though I will personally be more in sync 🙂
My 365 posts will stretch beyond 365 calendar days accordingly.


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