…the stuff I use for this practice and why.

ArtGraf soluble graphite. I love, love, love this stuff. Oh the many magical half tones one can get.

A no-name, simple brush that I slip inside a cut plastic re-purposed straw. The brush is protected and still open to the air to dry out.

A terrycloth wrist band to wipe the brush on. It dries fast.  Also actually use it on my wrist when sketching outdoors, using watercolour paints.

A modified-nib Pilot Fountain Pen Custom Heritage 912 that a friend of mine did the mod work on.  I get the super duperest flex nib and ink flow. I use this daily for personal and professional arr making. And sometimes some I have too many fountain pens but that one and the Traveler’s Company (formally Midori) Brass pen* I use daily.

Platinum Carbon Black ink* is always loaded in that pen because it is the only ink I trust to be opaque, fast drying and water-proof. The latter doesn’t matter much in this project but in my professional and other personal art-play it matters huge because I often watercolour over lines.

Traveler’s Company Notebook Passport size* that sometimes has branded paper and sometimes off-brand paper. In one section I have the booklet with the pages you see, another booklet you’ll never see and a sketchbook that you may or may not see sometime, who knows?

A date stamper than can be found in any office supply store for cheap. I love that satisfying clah-junk-click sound it makes when I lay it down and lift it off the paper.

I use the Insight Timer app** to focus my silence sit and mindful drawing.

My inner-wisdom to guide. I am not exactly a meditation purist. I’ve learned to go with what works for me and finally know myself well enough to not fret over what anyone else thinks. That said, I’m always learning from others also.