It’s early morning. Night has passed. Through the blinds the sun’s offers its fledgling light; another day. Milky tea and my books, my daily books, the ones I read a small bit from each day*; Rilke, Rumi, Henri Nouwen, Mary Oliver, TThich Nhat Hanh, Meister Eckhart,  bible  and sometimes other authors alternating yet always two by books by that singular Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky, Thomas Merton.

Merton’s Dialogues with Silence, is a well curated selection of his drawings and writings that search stillness and shadows, seeking and finding the divine in his own being and in others, in the world he knew. The title of this blog rather openly offers homage to this book.

From childhood “picture books” to early “readers” to drawings on foolscap or blank paper, and to this day in my notebooks and sketchbooks, I have often combined drawings with words, collected quotes or my own muse.

As I entered** 365 days of seeking silence it was organic for me to put the two together in my own way. This blog is that, for now and it’s a way to open the hope of conversation with you, whomever you are.

  • *I don’t read all of these books in the morning. I’m neither monk nor saint. Rather I move my readings around the day, morning, midday, evening, night.
  • ** April 13, 2018